国による学生支援緊急給付金給付事業 「学びの継続」のための『学生支援緊急給付金』について【予告】 “Emergency Student Benefit Project” by the Japanese government “Emergency Student Benefit” for "Continuation of Learning" [Advance Notice]


お知らせ 保護者






















  • 学部生及び大学院生(留学生を含む)
  • 現在、申請受付準備を行っておりますので、個別のお問合せはご遠慮ください。 (お問合せに回答できません。)
  • 原則として証明書類の提出が可能な方が対象となり、学生本人及び父母等の生計維持者について源泉徴収票、給与明細、アパート等の賃貸借契約書、コロナ感染症対策に係る他の公的支援措置の受給証明書や申請書等(いずれもコピー可)を提出いただく予定です。国からは短期間での推薦が求められておりますので、申請の手引き(5~7ページ)を熟読の上、書類の準備を進めてください。

To students and parents

Based on the effects of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the government newly established the 「学生支援緊急給付金給付事業」“Emergency Student Benefit Project (Cabinet decision on May 19, 2020)” for students who work part-time.

In this " Emergency Student Benefit Project", those who meet the requirements among the desired students may apply to the university they belong to, then the university will confirm the requirements and recommend the student to the country.

100,000 or 200,000 yen will be paid to the eligible students (recipients) and its final decision will be made by the government.

Please see the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website for details on the benefits project outline, requirements (standards) of the recipients, application documents, etc.

If you wish to apply, please read the following application guide (pages 5 to 7) carefully, make sure that you meet the requirements of the support target student, and prepare the necessary documents.

We are currently preparing for accepting applications. We plan to start accepting applications in late May. As soon as the preparation is complete, we will inform you on the Tokyo NODAI website and the Student Portal Website, therefore, please check the website and student portal website regularly.


1. Those who meet the following ① to ⑥ (For international students, those who meet ① to ⑤ and ⑦)

① You have not received a large amount of remittance from your family

You live away from the parents’ home

High proportion of part-time job income in living expenses and university expenses.

④ Additional support from your family cannot be expected due to a decrease in the income of the family (one or both of the parents)

⑤Part-time job income (including leave compensation by employment adjustment subsidy) has decreased significantly for more than 50% from the previous month due to the influence of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

⑥ Satisfies one of the following conditions for the existing system

1) Recipients of Category I of the new higher education support system (hereinafter, new system)

2) Recipients of Category II or III of the new system and in case the recipients are concurrently able to receive Type 1 scholarship (interest-free scholarship), they have received or are planning to receive the maximum amount of the scholarship

3) Those who have applied for or are planning to use the new system, and who are receiving or planning to receive the maximum amount of Type 1 scholarship (interest-free scholarship)

4) Those who are outside the scope of the new system and are receiving or planning to receive the maximum amount of Type 1 scholarship (interest-free scholarship)

5) Those who are not able to use the new system or Type 1 scholarship (interest-free scholarship) because they do not meet the requirements, but who plan to use a support system including private sector that can apply

⑦International students (including students of Japanese language education institutions) are required to meet the following requirements in addition to being in financial difficulties due to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus infections. (Same requirements for the 「外国人留学生学習奨励費」“International Student Study Incentives”)

1) Must have excellent academic performance. Specifically, the GPA (Grade Point Average) for the previous year must be 2.30 or higher.

2) Monthly attendance rate is 80% or higher

3) The average monthly remittance is 90,000 yen or less (excluding entrance fees and tuition fees).

4) Annual income of supporters residing in Japan is less than 5 million yen

2. Those who have been judged by the university that it is difficult to continue studying at university for economic reasons after considering Section 1. above.

* Undergraduate / graduate students / international students are also eligible.
* As we are currently preparing for application, please refrain from making individual inquiries. (We cannot answer inquiries.)
*Principally, it will be necessary to submit documents to prove your eligibility. The following documents of you or the breadwinner of your family, such as parents, would be required; withholding slips, salary details, lease contracts for apartments, certificates and/or applications for other public assistant schemes responding to the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. (Copies of the documents can be accepted) Since the government request prompt recommendations, please read the application guide (pages 5 to 7) carefully before proceeding with the preparation of the documents.
* We will share the English version of the application guide as soon as it is ready,