【学生のみなさんへ】2020年度後学期の授業実施について 【To all students】 Classes for the Second Semester of 2020 Academic Year



東京農業大学学長 髙野克己









【To all students】Classes for the Second Semester of 2020 Academic Year

 Tokyo University of Agriculture (Tokyo NODAI) has decided to conduct most of the lecture-based classes remotely (mainly on-demand type) while conducting face-to-face classes for the experiments, practical trainings and comprehensive exercises in the second semester starting September 23. It was a difficult decision to make but we have judged that it is too early to return to conducting all classes on campus.

 Since the nationwide state of emergency over the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) was lifted in May, the government has gradually raised the level of socio-economic activities. However, the number of infections has surged nationwide since late June, and there is no prospect of convergence. The government says that it is not at the stage of reissuing another state of emergency declaration, but we think it is still unpredictable.

 You all must have spent your last semester feeling great anxiety and confusion. Since we closed the campus and made the decision to conduct all the classes remotely, I have been seeking to return to the normal system as soon as possible. How too quiet the campus is for us where we cannot see your smiles, we cannot listen to your cheering. After spending many years at university, I see the anomalies of the current situation of the campus with pain.

 However, when we put top priority on the lives and health of our students, faculty members and staff, we have no choice but to judge that returning to the normal system has long gone away under the current situation.

 Nevertheless, based on our experience in the previous semester, we have decided to conduct face-to-face classes in the second semester for the experiment, practical training and comprehensive exercise subjects that directly relate to our educational principal “Practical Science” after taking sufficient countermeasures against the novel coronavirus infections. In addition, for first-year students who have never entered the campus since their enrollment, we will hold some face-to-face classes in specific courses. Classes are organized so that you can come to the campus from 1 to 1.5 days a week to take lectures, use the library, and have the opportunity to talk with professors and friends.

 Some students may have stayed at home in the previous semester, and are wondering if they should move close to the campus for the second semester or keep staying at home. Please discuss it with your parents carefully before making the decision. Even if you cannot take face-to-face classes for staying at home etc., we plan not to be your disadvantage for doing so.

 Details of how to conduct classes will be communicated through the Tokyo NODAI website, Student Portal website, etc. in the future. As the course plans may change significantly depending on the course of this pandemic, please check the Tokyo NODAI website as well as the Student Portal website regularly for the latest information.

 Finally, I would like to ask everyone that the novel coronavirus infections are spreading mainly among the younger generation. As a member of Tokyo NODAI, please fulfill our social responsibilities firmly in our daily lives, such as avoiding the “Three Cs” (closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings).

July 30, 2020
Katsumi Takano,
President of Tokyo University of Agriculture