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Eco-Eco Agriculture Club (EEAC)

This club aims to exchange information on Eco-Eco AgricultureEamong International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences (ISSAAS) via e-mail. Eco-Eco AgricultureEmeans ecologically sound and economically profitable agriculture shown as the key concept of several activities in Tokyo University of Agriculture. EEAC is a web-based mailing list, which sends you information via e-mail only.

  • All ISSAAS members can join EEAC only if he/she contacts the club via e-mail.
  • EEAC members can unsubscribe from the club at any time when he/she informs the club via e-mail.
  • EEAC members can receive and send any information on Eco-Eco AgricultureEto all other EEAC members simultaneously via e-mail.
  • EEAC members are encouraged to inform;
researches and publication by EEAC members

on-going or under planning research/project related to Eco-Eco AgricultureEvarious activities by government, NGO, NPO, company, group, village and others

related to Eco-Eco AgricultureEbooks and journals

useful technology

* EEAC plans to apply possible research funds to start a research on Eco-Eco AgricultureEat a few area/villages/sites in Southeast Asia selected among information appeared in EEAC.

This mailing list is maintained by Dr. Keiko T. NATSUAKI, Japanese Chapter, ISSAAS.

EEAC e-mails will be sent to you because you are registered as a member of ISSAAS in the belief that it will be interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive e-mails from EEAC, please to unsubscribe, and you will be unsubscribed.