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This is for both individual members and student members of ISSAAS. Please read the following information and mail to regional secretary Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uma Rani Sinniah (Secretary)

Recipient name: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Uma Rani Sinniah (Secretary)
Address: Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universiti Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
Telephone no: +603-8946-6948
E-mail :


1. The Society has the following types of membership:

(i) Full.

(ii) Honorary.

(iii) Student.

(iv) Supporting.

(v) Group.

(vi) Life.

2. The types of membership mentioned in Article 5 are defined as follows:

(i) A "full member" is one in complete accord with the Society's goals.

(ii) An "honorary member" is one with distinguished academic accomplishments in Southeast Asian agricultural sciences or one who has served with special merit for the Society, recommended by the President to the Board of Directors and subject to approval at the General Meeting.

(iii) A "student member" is one with a desire to join the Society as a student belonging to an educational institution.

(iv) A "supporting member": may be a group, organization or an individual with an intention to support the Society's tasks.

(v) A "group member" is a group recipient only of the Society's journal.

(vi) A "life member" is a full member who has prepaid the life membership fee.

3. Members must prepay the following membership fee

(i) US $ 15 annually for a full member from the Southeast Asian region.

(ii) Honorary members are exempted from the fee.

(iii) Half of the annual fee for a student member.

(iv) US $ 300 annually for a supporting member.

(v) US $ 100 annually for a group member.

(vi) Life Membership: Members over 55 years of age on payment of a lump sum fee, equivalent to five times or over of a full membership fee.

4. Prospective members must complete an application form and submit it with the membership fee to the Society's central Secretariat or Regional Secretariat for its approval.

5. Rights of members

A member is entitled to:

(i) the Society's journal.

(ii) contribute an article to the journal.

(iii) participate, present research papers, lectures, comments and engage in discussions at conferences.

(iv) be elected as officers.

Supportive and group members are not entitled to ii, iii and iv above.

6. If a member wishes to terminate his/her membership, he/she must notify the Society and pay all arrears of membership fees etc.

7.If a member engages in any activity that is deemed to be in conflict with the Society's goals or is negligent in payment of their dues and arrears over an extended period of time, his/her membership may be revoked by the President subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.