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Achieving a society in which people and forests exist in symbiosis

Introduction of Okutama Practice Forest

A forest’s functions of producing and environmental preservation

Japan has limited and steep national land. Only 30% of the land is being used as residential and farming areas, the rest of the area is covered with forests. These forests are located in the innermost depth of the land or the uppermost flow of rivers. They have functions of environmental preservation, such as supplying wood, preventing landslide, securing water resources. The functions benefit human life and the industries.

Okutama Practice Forest is the only one university forest in Tokyo.It is located in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, where is familiar with people lived around Tokyo as an area preserves the beautiful nature.The forest is about 120ha and faces the trail from Hikawa area of Okutama-town to Mt. Kumotori which is a highest place in Tokyo.There are afforested areas covered with cedar, cypress and larch, and also with natural forest such as Mongolian oak, chestnut, and white birch.The main facilities of the practice forest are a cabin like dormitory and a traditional Japanese style beautiful building.You will able to reach there by 1.5 hours walk from JR Okutama station.We have research and education activities on the structure, growth, and activation of a forest, its function of environmental preservation, relationships between forest and animals, layout of forest roads and forestry machine there.

Head of Okutama Practice Forest

Dr. YAMAZAKI, Koji, Department of Forest Science

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