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From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

Brand New Academic Disciplines to Satisfy Your Intellectual Apetite NOW!

Continually striving to advance agriculture

Up to now we have been studying living creatures from the perspective of agriculture, but we intend to make major changes to our point of view to take cognizance of the aspects of the physical sciences, engineering, and sociology. On the occasion of the reorganization of departments in the Faculty of Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture will place greater emphasis on further promoting research into effectively utilizing the functions of living creatures in human society. The reason some specialized fields, which have been enfolded within various areas of university faculties, are reframed as new departments is to make that stance clear and explicit.

Even as we make specialized fields clear and explicit, we are also placing an emphasis on comprehensive knowledge. Starting in April 2018, we will be tackling solutions to problems inside and outside of Japan with an organizational structure of twenty-three departments in six faculties. We are committed to making continuing contributions to human society that are based on agriculture.

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