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From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

From "Return Man to the Farm" to "Return Man to the World"

About change of certificate issuance procedure for prevention of new coronavirus infection spread

  • 2020.4.10)
  • (2021.12.23)

To prevent further spread of COVID-19 infection, the university will accept

the application for issuing certification

from students by post only, from April 10 to the end of the campus closure.

Please send the following 4 items to us by post.

1.Application for Issuing Certification

Please fill in all the necessary fields of the attached file.

Application for Issuing Certification

2.An envelope for the return

Enclose an envelope bigger than 「長形3号(なががた さんごう)」or DL size

(12cm ×23.5cm).

The university will send you certifications in the envelope, so please write

your address and name as a receiver, and stick an appropriate stamp.

Stamp price should be:

1-2 certifications: \84

3-4 certifications: \94

3.Service Charge

Please buy「定額小為替(ていがく こかわせ)」, “Postal money order with

fixed amount” at a post office to pay the service charge for certification

issuance. Please do not fill in any field on it.

Service Charge:

Certification in Japanese: \200 per

Certification in English: \300 per

4.Copy of your Student ID

【Send to】

Attn: Tokyo NODAI Academic Affairs Division

1-1-1 Sakuragaoka, Setagaya, Tokyo 156-8502

Notice of holidays

  • Saturday, Sunday, and holidays (national holidays)
  • December27-January6,2022

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