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Research Institute

Tokyo NODAI conducts university-wide research activities based on the strategic research policies outlined below so as to fulfill the expectation for our students and society at large.

  1. Promotion of pioneer researches on a global scale in the fields of food and agricultural sciences.
  2. Discovery and fostering of the next-generation researchers who will become the future support of Tokyo NODAI.
  3. Establishment of practical integrated agricultural sciences related to food and agriculture, and publication of the research outcomes.
  4. Development of practical knowledge and technologies through strategic researches.

Nodai Research Institute (NRI) executes the important mission of promoting and implementing the research strategies of Tokyo NODAI. Tokyo NODAI conducted a thorough review of the functions of NRI in 2003, and starting from 2004, the functions of NRI were arranged the following three functions and our organization was divided into three divisions.

Function 1

Enhancing Tokyo NODAI's research capabilities by organizing and promoting pioneer and strategic research

To plan, organize, and implement pioneer and strategic researches, as well as to promote the publication of research findings, collaborative researches among private enterprises and their business application, so that the research capabilities of Tokyo NODAI can make a quantum leap into the future. To fulfill these objectives, Tokyo NODAI has taken the initiative since 2004, through open application, to conduct pioneer research project, the development research project of practical technology, and the young researcher support project, on its own.

Function 2

Contribution to the development of society by technology transfer

To take an intensive look at the findings from pioneer and strategic researches and other researches conducted within Tokyo NODAI, and to promote social and business applications in order to contribute to education for students and social development. In order to advance such social and business applications concretely, NRI is carrying out the following actions: (1) the advancement of industry–government–academia collaborative researches and management of the NRI study group; (2) the establishment of intellectual property rights related to research findings; (3) the hosting of workshop and lecture meetings; and (4) the publication of a scholarly journal and provision of the information; etc.

Function 3

Unification of research support related administrative functions to NRI

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