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Community Engagement

Tokyo University of Agriculture contributes to community revitalization by connecting people, things, and affairs.

In order to create a society that makes the most of the community’s traditional culture and regional charms, the Tokyo University of Agriculture will contribute to society from three perspectives: Development of human resources through education and research; development of things by using and applying regional industrial resources through environmental conservation and community development; and development of affairs by coordinating the planning of and policies for community management. These perspectives are based on keywords such as life, food, environment, health, energy, and community innovation.

Community engagement that makes the most of Tokyo University of Agriculture’s characteristics

  1. Promotion of community engagement activities at the level of faculties and departments
  2. Enhancement of research support for promotion of the sextiary industry
  3. Promotion of community engagement through social sciences coordination
  4. Community contribution projects that Tokyo NODAI should engage in
  5. Promotion of community contribution through university-launched venture companies

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