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From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

Tokyo NODAI’s Response to the Declaration of the State of Emergency

January 6, 2021

Important Notice

 As it is published, on Thursday, January 7, the government is expected to declare the state of emergency targeting the area of Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, and Kanagawa prefectures.It is now necessary to take further measures against the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).At that time, we will respond appropriately to requests based on the state of emergency, and inform you about the second semester courses and laboratory activities that will be resumed at each campus (Setagaya / Atsugi Campus: from Friday, January 8, Hokkaido Okhotsk Campus: from Wednesday, January 13) as follows. Thank you always for your understanding and cooperation for our education, research activities and the further prevention of infection. In addition, we will consider the request from the government after the state of emergency is declared, and will promptly contact you if there is any change in the response of the university.

1. Classes and Laboratory Activities

  • 1) We will resume the second semester (both Face-to-face and Online classes) as planned. Students to attend Face-to-face classes need to confirm to wash and sanitize hands, wear a mask, ventilate rooms frequently, and avoid 3Cs.
  • 2) At the moment, laboratory activities will be conducted as planed up tomorrow.
  • 3) Restrictions on other activities and entering campuses will be announced on the Student Portal Website.
  • 4) If there is any change in the response of the university above by the request from the government, we will promptly contact you.

2. Preventing measures from the COVID-19 infection

  • 1) Please check your body temperature every morning and if you have a fever or feel not good, please take a rest at home and consult a doctor if you need.
  • 2) The university takes all measures to prevent the infection. However, if you concern about attending on the Face-to-face Classes or laboratory activities from the view of preventing infection, we arrange it not to be your disadvantage by responding to each case. In the case, please contact your faculty’s office or supervisor by e-mail or phone. Face-to-face Classes: The office of each faculty (Setagaya), Student and Academic Division (Atsugi and Hokkaido-Okhotsk)
    Laboratory Activities: Supervisor
  • 3) If you or your family who stay together become infected with COVID-19, or a close contact person, please refrain from coming to the campus and report it to the Center for Health Promotion (Setagaya) or the Health Center (Atsugi and Hokkaido-Okhotsk) immediately.

3. Contacts

1) Setagaya Campus

Office TEL E-mail
Office of the Faculty of Applied Biosciences 03-5477-2917
Office of the Faculty of Life Sciences 03-5477-2912
Office of the Faculty of Regional Environment Science 03-5477-2911
Office of the Faculty of International Agriculture and Food Studies 03-5477-2918
Department of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs Division 03-5477-2225
Center for Health Promotion 03-5477-2231

2) Atsugi Campus

Office TEL E-mail
Student and Academic Affairs Division 046-270-6225
Health Center 046-270-6622

3) Hokkaido-Okhotsk Campus

Office TEL E-mail
Student and Academic Affairs Division 0152-48-3813
Health Center 0152-48-3817

4) Other Contacts

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