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From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

Regarding the response of Tokyo NODAI Educational Corporation to COVID-19

April 15, 2020

Kanju Osawa
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Tokyo NODAI Educational Corporation

On April 7, the Japanese government has declared a state of emergency for 7 prefectures including Tokyo, to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 infection.Tokyo NODAI Educational Corporation has canceled or reduced the scale of events on the campus including graduation and entrance ceremonies to prevent infections. Now given the state of emergency, we decided to close all facilities and prohibit all the entry of students from April 8 to May 6.

All our students and their families, especially those of in-coming, must be very worried about this situation.However, we would very much appreciate it if you could kindly understand that our decision is made for the best sake of students’ health and safety.

Although the struggle against COVID-19 infection seems to be very tough, I firmly believe that we will be able to overcome it if each of us to be conscious enough and take prudential behavior.Reducing 80% of contacts with others is said to be significant in this fight.We shall stay at home. The darkest hour is just before dawn. We shall keep our efforts until then.

In this unprecedented situation, we, Tokyo NODAI Educational Corporation, are now diligently preparing for the opening of this new academic year by leaving stereotypical ideas behind and adopting novel ways of thinking.

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