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From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

Concerning COVID-19 Prevention during Summer Holidays

July 27, 2021

Eguchi Fumio
Tokyo University of Agriculture

Dear students,

Concerning COVID-19 Prevention during Summer Holidays


As you know, the fourth state of emergency was issued to Tokyo on July 12, but the number of infections with the COVID-19 does not show any signs of decrease, and in certain age groups, it is rather steadily increasing. In particular, infection with the new variants of COVID-19 has spread to young people, mainly in their 20s, and the number of severe cases is increasing. Young people can no longer afford to be indifferent.

At our university, especially on the Setagaya campus, a series of infections have been reported since mid-July resulting in some departments being forced to cancel classes. Under such circumstances, we would like to request all the students to be extra careful in the upcoming summer holidays starting July 29 as well as during the state of emergency issued until August 22, to protect the lives and health of not only yourselves but also your friends and families, bearing the responsibility for being a member of society. Please spend your summer holidays under a "New Normal" lifestyle to prevent infection as shown below.


1. Points to follow in the infection preventive measures.

  • (1) Wear a mask properly when going out.
  • (2) When going out, returning home, or using facilities, disinfect your hands at the doorway.
  • (3) Avoid the three Cs in all situations. (Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings)
  • (4) Avoid having meals face-to-face and refrain from talking during meals.
  • (5) Refrain from having drinking parties.
  • (6) Refrain from gathering and/or staying at friends’ house.
  • (7) Implement the above preventive measures even at your part-time jobs.

2. Refrain from nonessential outings and activities as much as possible.

3. Any inter-prefectural travels should be conducted after consulting with your family and checking your health condition. (See * below)

4. Extracurricular activities are allowed with thorough infection prevention only if permitted by the university.

5. When feeling unwell, seek medical attention immediately even if you do not have a fever.


* "PCR test" is available at low cost at the PCR center on Setagaya campus.
 Contact the "Tokyo NODAI PCR Center" for more information.
 Tel: 03 (5477) 2737
 Office hours: Weekdays 10:00-16:00
 (Closed on weekends, public holidays, and university holidays)

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