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From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

To: Applicants for the Graduate Schools of Tokyo University of Agriculture

(Graduate School of Agriculture/Applied Bioscience/Life Sciences/AgroEnvironmental Science/International Food and Agricultural Studies)

IMPORTANT: Changes on How to Conduct of Entrance Examination for the 1st Period

Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we have decided to make changes on our Entrance Examination procedures as follows; More detailed information will be available on our website after July 15.

【Points of Change】

1.We will conduct an Online Entrance Examination (no change of the schedule)The Online Entrance Examination will be conducted by the web conference system using applicants' PC or other devices. Applicants do not need to come to the campus in person.

2.We will accept your application documents only by post. (The admissions center will not accept them directly) There will be no change of application documents or the examination subjects. After your submission, you may be requested to submit additional documents depends on your desired department.


1. The Examination Procedure will be different by the department. Please get detailed information by attending each department’ s orientation. We will update the schedule of orientations once it's been decided.

2. Please prepare the following materials for the online examination. If it is hard to prepare them, please contact the Registrar Division in advance.(

(1) A place where you can conduct the written examination and the interview alone without being disturbed by a third party.

(2) PC with a camera and microphone

(3) Internet Connection (for video and voice communication through Zoom etc.)

3. After we received application documents, we will conduct a connection test to confirm the applicant's internet connection.

4. If we require any further change to be made due to the sudden turn of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we will inform on our website. If we change any conditions after applicants have already applied, we will inform them by email.

Registrar Division
Department of Academic Affairs
Tokyo University of Agriculture

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