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From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

From "Return Students to the Farm" to "Return Students to the World"

Action plan until the start of classes in the second semester of FY2021 in consideration of preventing the spread of infection

August 15, 2021

To students, parents, and guardians,

Action plan until the start of classes in the second semester of FY2021 in consideration of preventing the spread of infection

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) has requested that universities take thorough infection prevention measures according to the infection situation in the region, rather than uniformly requesting temporary closures. Universities are requested to take appropriate measures to both prevent infection and ensure learning opportunities through the effective implementation of face-to-face and remote classes.
They are also requested to take measures to prevent infection in club activities, extracurricular activities, student dormitories, and to thoroughly warn students about social gatherings and drinking parties. In particular, students with symptoms such as fever are requested to refrain from attending classes or participating in activities.
In addition, prefectural governments are requested to provide guidance to universities on infectious disease countermeasures such as health management, and to promptly share information on the infection situation in the region and information on infected staff members.
Based on a comprehensive assessment of the situation in the regions where our campuses are located, as well as the changes to the government's "Basic Policy on Countermeasures for Infectious Diseases of Novel Coronaviruses," the university has adopted the following course of action in order to ensure both thorough countermeasures against infection and to secure learning opportunities for students and others.

Regarding thorough countermeasures against infection until the start of the second semester of classes

A state of emergency has been declared in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture, and there have been reports of a tightening of the medical system over the past few days. An increase in the number of infected people has also been reported in Hokkaido. There are also reports of household infections and an increase in the duration of positive symptoms after infection. In the city, there are situations where people are infected but go about their daily lives without symptoms, which raises concerns about the spread of infection.
In view of this, we have announced the following policy for activities during the summer holidays until the start of classes in the second semester, and will take thorough countermeasures against infection.

1) Special Lectures, Intensive Lectures, etc.

During the summer vacation, intensive classes and special supplementary examinations will be held at each campus for some departments and students. Since the number of students entering the campus is limited, we will be holding those as planned. However, if you are unable to attend classes or take exams on campus (in person) due to fear of corona infection, please contact the Department Office of your department at each campus in advance.

2) Lab Activities

For laboratory activities at the Atsugi and Setagaya campuses, if remote work is possible, consider not coming to the campus to reduce the risk of commuting to campus. When conducting experiments on campus, please avoid congestion caused by traffic conditions and consider how to avoid it. At all campuses, the number of people working in a laboratory will be limited according to the size of each laboratory in order to avoid three densities. Eating and drinking, such as lunch, will not be done in groups, but will be done independently at designated locations in each laboratory.

3) Field Surveys, etc.

Since field research during this period is important for some research, graduate students should consult with their supervisors before conducting field research. Therefore, when conducting field research, students should consult with their supervisors, who should consult with them in the laboratory and then apply to the department head and the dean of the faculty .
In addition, the infection status of the host institution and the host region should be reported. In addition, please confirm the acceptability of the host institution as well as the infection status of the host institution and host region.
In addition, please follow the guidelines of Tokyo University of Agriculture to prevent infection.

4) Actions to be taken in accordance with the measures for prevention of new coronavirus infection

In addition to washing hands, gargling, and wearing a mask, please take into consideration the basic illnesses and living environment of not only yourself but also your family members, and do not engage in unreasonable activities.

5) Extracurricular Activities

When engaging in extracurricular activities, please take into consideration the prevention of the spread of infection, and consult with the respective guidelines, the club director, advisor, etc., as well as with the Student Affairs Division (Student Educational Affairs Division).
It is prohibited to host teams or groups from other universities on campus for games or activities.

6) Others

Please take your own measures to prevent infection and to cope with social situations. In addition, before and after returning to your home town, please take safety measures such as conducting tests at the PCR Center at the Setagaya Campus (fee required) to prevent the spread of infection.

If you feel ill, such as a fever, during the above activities, please do not force yourself to come to school (or participate in activities). Also, be sure to contact the Health Support Center or Health Office on each campus for instructions.
(Please also refer to this URL for the consultation address: )
Please note that we will be implementing the policy for the second semester of 2021 as announced on August 6.

Tokyo University of Agriculture

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