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Wattanadatsaree Vatanee

Wattanadatsaree Vatanee

●Country of origin: Thailand
●Department: International Agricultural Development
●Grade/Degree (obtained for Alumni): D2 student

Hello everyone, my name is VATANEE WATTANADATSAREE. I’m from Thailand. I came to Japan in 2019 for doctoral studies. Now, I joined the laboratory of Tropical Crops Science, department of International Agricultural Development under Tokyo NODAI Special Foreign Exchange Student Scholarship. My study is related to genetic improvement to increase the efficiency of resistance to the climate change in Thai rice. I had a previous visiting experience in NODAI which, in addition to the good collaboration between my university (Thammasat University) and Tokyo NODAI, ended in a great motivation and desire to study in this excellent university. That visit induced my profound desire to learn more about agriculture and the Japanese culture which I love a lot. Japanese people are kind, hard workers, serious, punctual, and very responsible. Besides my school activities, traveling and searching for delicious foods are my favorite activities and I always find free time to do these activities. For my study goal, completing my PhD studies in due time with great success in my current research that will benefit rice farmers, while improving my Japanese language communication skills is a priority. In addition, creating a network is important. In the development of various knowledge in the future. My career goal is to become professor of universities and provide opportunities for students to study in the best conditions as I have received.

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