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Trizhia Marie Bool Silva

Trizhia Marie Bool Silva

●Country of origin: Philippines
●Department: Department of International Agricultural Development
●Grade (obtained for Alumni): Master of Science (alumni)

Hello! I am Trizhia Silva from Philippines. I am person of many interests but enjoys nature photography and traveling the most. I came to Japan to further my growth as an individual through multicultural exposure and in-depth research. I entered NODAI in 2016 for my second degree in International Agricultural Development and continued to graduate school under the NODAI Special Foreign Exchange Student Scholarship to pursue my studies in Tropical Horticulture specialized in Medicinal Plants. Living in Japan for the past 4 years indeed helped me grow as a person. There were lots of things I learned while living in Tokyo, much more I grow to love its culture, food and people. While studying in NODAI, I also travelled a lot of places in Japan and captured a lot of memoirs. NODAI offered not only

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