Tokyo University Of Agriculture


Olu-Olusegun Favour

●Country of origin: Nigeria
●Department: International Agricultural Development
●Degree (obtained for Alumni): Master of Science (Alumni)

Hello everyone. My name is Olu-Olusegun Favour and I am from Nigeria. I love playing volleyball and cooking as well as gardening, especially vegetables. I came to Japan in 2015 for my Masters. I started as a research student. I joined the laboratory of Tropical Crop Science, department of International Agricultural Development under the ABE Initiative scholarship. I studied crop science and my research focused on genetic diversity in water yam.

I came to study in Japan because Japan has a formidable higher educational system with a commitment to research and development and to NODAI because it is famous for agricultural experimentation in Japan. You study by experiment not just by theory. I like the word OMOTENASHI (お持て成し) that is the key to Japanese hospitality and the safe environment maintain in Japan is worth emulating by other countries. I volunteered a lot, especially, English speaking programs organized for Elementary and High school students. My career goal is to build on the experience I got from NODAI and to continue to learn and improve as I influence lives along the way.

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