Tokyo University Of Agriculture


Idowu, Ayodeji Peter

●Country of origin: Nigeria
●Department: International Agricultural Development
●Degree (obtained for Alumni): Master 2 student

Hi everyone, I am IDOWU, Ayodeji Peter by name, a Nigerian and a die-hard agricultural entrepreneur with passion for excellence, innovative, creative and technology-driven-research-oriented individual. My hobbies are teaching, reading, outdoors including playing soccer and table-tennis. I also enjoy playing video games and any other brain-tasking computer games. I came to Japan precisely on the 1st of September 2018 after a long flight that lasted for about 28 hours to study International Agricultural Development at Tokyo University of Agriculture, Laboratory of Tropical Crop Science under the African Business Education (ABE) Initiative and Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) scholarship program of the Japanese Government. I came to Japan owing to her histories of cultures and traditions, technological advancement with many other historical events that surround the country's economic development. Meanwhile, I chose NODAI because of the academic achievement as well as research breakthroughs of many of its Lecturers including my supervisor (Prof. Hironobu SHIWACHI) particularly in the area of crop improvement, Good Agricultural Practices and Biological Sciences. What I love so much in Tokyo is the Japan’s transportation system while the most interesting things to me is the “Coming of Age or Seijin-Shiki Festival”. The goal of my coming to NODAI is to learn and gain technical knowledge that will advance my country’s agricultural sector while my career goal is to become a renowned agriculturalist, owned my agribusiness firm that will provide employment opportunity for many Africans and improve food security situation in Africa.

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