Tokyo University Of Agriculture


I Hsun Huang

●Country of origin: Taiwan
●Department: Bioindustry
●Grade (obtained for Alumni): D1 student

Hello everyone. My name is I Hsun Huang. I come from Taiwan. I like watching movie, anime, driving and photography. I came to Japan in 2014. I joined the laboratory of Bioresource Chemistry, Department of Food, Aroma and Cosmetic Chemistry under Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association scholarship with Professor Sagane Yoshimasa as supervisor. My laboratory is in Hokkaido-Okhotsk Campus and studying the function of botulinum toxin complex in Cell respond. I came to study in NODAI, Hokkaido-Okhotsk Campus, because I don’t like crowd city like Tokyo. And after few years I really enjoy the live in Abashiri. My study goal is to finish my doctor degree. And last my career goal is to be a scientist in Europe or USA.

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