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Hanmakyugh Teryima Teddy

Hanmakyugh Teryima Teddy

●Country of origin: Nigeria
●Department: International Agricultural Development
●Grade/Degree (obtained for Alumni): Master of Science (Alumni)

Hello everyone. My name is Teryima Teddy Hanmakyugh and I am a Nigerian. My hobbies include reading, traveling, and watching movies, sports, and documentaries. I also love cooking. I came to Japan in the autumn 2017. That means I am fortunate to have been in Japan under two imperial era’ (Heisei and Reiwa). I joined the laboratory of Tropical Crops Science, department of International Agricultural Development under the prestigious African Business Education Initiative for Youth (ABE Initiative). While working with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) I got attracted to Tokyo NODAI by her strategic partnership with the institute in the areas of biotechnology, yam and legume improvement, and farming systems, in addressing low food production and improving the livelihood of farmers. The attitude to work and dedication of the Japanese scientists in the institute further incensed my interest in Japan and the Japanese people. The teaching program and research activities in my laboratory which spans across various fields allowed me to gain practical experience by engaging in world-class and pioneer research projects under the supervision of seasoned professors with international research experiences across Asia and Africa. Usually, when I was away from research work and academics, I spent time visiting some beautiful touristic spots in Tokyo such as Asakusa and Ueno and I also enjoyed visiting the museum with discount tickets for students. As an ABE initiative scholar, my career goal includes identifying business opportunities, building and maintaining a successful relationship between Nigerian and Japanese businesses.

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