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Fredrick Mussa Mwaikenda

Fredrick Mussa Mwaikenda

●Country of origin: Tanzania
●Department: Agribusiness Management
●Grade/Degree (obtained for Alumni): Master 2 student

Hello Everyone. My name is Fredrick Mussa, from Tanzania, East Africa. Most of my friends here in Japan call me Musashi (nickname). It has been 5 years since I came to Japan in March 2015. I came here to fulfil one of my life purposes, to get a degree from one of the best universities in Japan, Tokyo NODAI. I joined the marketing research laboratory in the department of International Biobusiness studies under NODAI scholarship. I got my Bachelor degree in March 2019. Now I’m taking a master degree in Agribusiness Management. During my studies, I just got not only a degree, but new friends, learned various new culture from Japanese and International students inside the campus. In general, I just got a new family. Outside Tokyo Nodai, I have participated in different events such as Setagaya International Messe, Setagaya festivals, and many more. In all these events I met with different people. I love music, and of course, I learned to play some guitar chords from one of my Classmates. I love travelling to different places inside and outside Tokyo. What attracts me the most is the way Japan have managed to maintain both, Traditional and Modern ways of life. You can enjoy both, modern life styles in places like Shinjuku and Shibuya but also the more traditional based style in Kamakura and many other places. After graduation, I will start learning through working with Institutions/Companies inside or outside Japan. This aim on giving back to the society all the knowledges that Tokyo NODAI have given to us. Let’s Do Our Best.

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