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Agricultural Scientific English for International Cooperation

In this class, "Plants, Genes, and Crop Biotechnology" (2nd edition) Maarten J. Chrispeels & David E. Sadava JONES AND BARTLETT PUBLISHERS, will be lectured mainly in Japanese to get accustomed to English textbooks on agriculture and science. All the students are welcome, especially who are preparing to be a member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers (vegetable production). It is kindly requested to read the textbook carefully before the class. The textbooks will be attached in detail syllabus in student portal.

theme contents etc.
1 Introduction Introduction to Agricultural Specific English for International Cooperation (Koshio) “Plants, genes, and Crop Biotechnology” (2nd edition) will be used as a textbook.
2 Human population growth World population growth, HIV, migration etc. (Koshio)
3 Global food prospects 1 Yield increase, income growth, land productivity and labor productivity (Koshio)
4 Global food prospects 2 Agricultural R&D, intellectual property rights, and biotechnology (Koshio)
5 Sustainability of crop production 1 Land use pattern, ecology, Green revolution etc. (Koshio)
6 Sustainability of crop production 2 CGIAR, climate change, global pollution etc. (Koshio)
7 Plant nutrition and soil 1 Plant nutrition, soil, alkalinity, salinity, acidity, minerals etc. (Koshio)
8 Plant nutrition and soil 2 Mineral deficiency, organic and inorganic fertilizers, water deficit, etc. (Koshio)
9 Health and environmental risks of GM crops Concerns about GM (Koshio)
10 Crop diseases and their control Virus, bacterial, and fungal diseases and their control (Susan)
11 Controlling insect, mite, and nematode pests IPM, pesticide, GM crops, etc. (Susan)
12 Tropical vegetable Production 1 Site, Topography, Soils and Water (Shiwachi)
13 Tropical vegetable Production 2 Site Management, Seeds and Types of Cultivars (Shiwachi)
14 Tropical vegetable Production 3 Crop Management and Postharvest (Shiwachi)
15 Summary (Koshio)

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