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Forest and Forestry

A lot of functions of forset, such as production, conservation, aestatics etc. are significat for our life. Recently, these functions have been recognized not only wood production and regional conservation, but also environment conservation on the earth, and/or bio-mass energy.

The lecture focuses on basic knowledge concerned with forest and forestry. And the study extend to field trip for actural problem.

theme contents etc.
1 Forest & forestry Concepts and Principles  
2 Forest & forestry Forest ecology (1)  
3 Forest & forestry Forset ecology (2)  
4 Forest & forestry Silviculture and forest therapy (1)  
5 Forest & forestry Silviculture and forest therapy (2)  
6 Forest & forestry Forest resources management (1)  
7 Forest & forestry Forset resources management (2)  
8 Forest & forestry Forest chemistry  
9 Forest & forestry Forest culture  
10 Forest & forestry Forest agroforestry  
11 Forest & forestry Practice of Agroforestry  
12 Field practices Forestry activities  
13 Field practices Forset activities  
14 Field practices Forset activities  
15 Field practices Forest activities  

Special Programs

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