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Food and Health 2

This course aims to let students understand a wide range of knowledge about food and health including nutritional science and food safety. Particularly, emphasis is placed on the functional foods, taste of foods, and effects of nutrients and non nutrients on health promotion and prevention of life style-related diseases. The knowledge should contribute to making a health strategy in any country of the world.

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1 Guidance Overviewing of Food and Health 2
2 Introduction of Functional Food Recalling the ancient Chinese thought,“Medicine and food share a common origin” and its relation to modern food science in Japan. Reviewing the significance of the Concept "Functional Food".
3 Development of Functional Food Science Overviewing the curret status of research and development of functional food products with special reference to "Food for Specified Health Uses (FoSHU)".
4 Future View on Functional Food Estimating the potential of health food and food substances with novel functions, and considering the problems in terms of further development of science-based functional food for healthy diet.
5 Significance of Taste in Functional Food Science Considering the importance of studying the physiology and molecular biology of taste, since sensory stimuli exert large effects on the functions of foods in the body.
6 Texture and Structure of Food-1 Texture is sensed primarily by the feeling of touch, usually in mouth during mastication and swallowing of foods. Showing the relationship between food texture and chewing behavior.
7 Texture and Structure of Food-2 The textures of foods derive from their structure. Explanation about detail food structures and how they are measured.
8 General overview of taste system The purpose of this class is to provide a background for taste perception in mammals (anatomy of the taste system, taste modality, psychophysics and the molecular mechanisms of taste perception).
9 Frontier research topics in taste study Some of the advances made in molecular biology of taste will be introduced in the class and will further discuss what would be the breakthrough study in the field.
10 Essential Nutrients for Human Health Overviewing essential nutrients (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals) for human life and health. Their metabolism and interactions are also discussed.
11 Potential role of non-nutrient components Discovering bioactive non-nutrients in common vegetables, fruits, soybean products and whole grains, and showing their ability to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
12 Metabolic Syndrome and Functional Food Overviewing of the development of metabolic disorders and possibilities of food factors to improve the disorder development focusing on obesity and diabetes.
13 Lipid Metabolism and Functional Food Physiological functions and their regulation mechanism of lipid metabolism and pathological abnormalities in lipid metabolism such as hyperlipidemia by functional food.
14 Food Safety-1 Pesticide chemistry and toxicology
15 Food Safety-2 Pharmacology and toxicology of tastes or stimulants

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