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Food and Health 1

This course aims to let students understand a wide range of knowledge about food and nutritional science. Particularly, emphasis is placed on the functional foods, palatability of foods, and effects of nutrients on health promotion and prevention of life style-related diseases. The knowledge should contribute to making a health strategy in any country of the world.

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1 Introduction Overviewing of Food and Nutrition  
2 Birth of the concept “Functional Food” Reviewing the significance of this newborn concept reported in “Nature” (1993) with the headline“Japan explores the boundary between food and medicine”.  
3 Development of Functional Food Science Overviewing the global development of this novel science and its application based on sophisticated biotechnology and bioindustry.  
4 Food safety in Japan Japanese Food Sanitation Act covers many food safety from agricultural product to dishes. This lecture includes food allergy and food poisoning in Japan.  
5 Japanese Fermented Food There are many traditional fermented foods in Japan. Food process of fermented soy bean (Miso), soy sauce, and Japanese sake.  
6 The outside within This lecture focuses on digestive and absorptive system of nutrition and also covers the story about exocrine and endocrine system.  
7 A new approach to dynamic analysis of the food composition This lecture focuses on the analytical method of food composition using various types of microscopes (Light microscope and Electoron microscope).  
8 Potential role of non-nutrient components Discovering bioactive non-nutrients in common vegetables, fruits, soybean products and whole grains, and showing their ability to prevent life style-related diseases.  
9 Nutrients and gene expression The explanations in a gene reflection based on the alteration of nutrient metabolism  
10 Immune system and human health Disorders in the immune system can result in diseases. Interaction of immune system and human health is overviewed.  
11 Diabetes mellitus; catastrophe of the metabolic pathway (1) Diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar levels. What is the impact of diabetes mellitus? It can lead to blood vessel diseases.  
12 Diabetes mellitus; catastrophe of the metabolic pathway (2) Prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus.  
13 Food safety related with chemical pesticide and biopesticide 1 Chemical pesticide that attracts consumer's attention on food safety  
14 Food safety related with chemical pesticide and biopesticide 2 Can biopesticide substitute for chemical pesticide?  
15 Special tour To National Institue of Health and Nutrition  

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