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Field Study of Food and Environment

This course is carried out in combine with the form of lectures, fieldtrip and workshop. These three components are aims to obtain the first-hand information on food production, food processing and environmental conservation in Japan. This will be conducted on somedays in July, 2014 as an intesive manner.

theme contents etc.
1 Lectures Food and Environment in Economic Development
2 Horticulture in Japan
3 Ecology and Crop Production
4 Global Food System
5 Environemnt Conservation in Asia
6 Comprehensive Perspectives on Food, Agriculture and Environment
7 Fieldtrip History, Food, Agriculture and Environment in Joetsu
8 Japanese Agriculture and Local Agriculture
9 Organization and Function of Agricultural Cooperative and Farming in Joetsu
10 Problems of Hilly and Mountainous Villages and The Joetsu Tokyo Nodai
11 Seminar on Local Agriculture and Life
12 Workshop Workshop methodology
13 Group dynamics
14 Problem solving
15 Final presentaion

Special Programs

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