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Farmers and Consumers in Japan

This lecture aims to show the basic structure and economic characteristcs of farmers and consumers in Japan. ①Japanese agri-structure and extension service systems ②various types of Japanese farmerssehold ③Increased Import of agriproducts from the world and its influences on the natural environment of developing countries.

theme contents etc.
1 Introduction
2 General Condition of Japanese Agriculture Structure, Characteristics, Problems & Issues of Japanese Agriculture
3 Extension Service System Advancement of Agri. Extension System According to the Stages of Socio-economic Development in Postwar Japan
4 Extension Service System Present Situations and Future Tasks
5 Types of Farmers Farm Household Legal Person
6 Farm Successor .Aged Farmers ,Young successor
7 Food safety Curent issues on Food Safety
8 Food Consumption Import from the World
9 Floriculture
10 Floriculture and Traditional Annual Event
11 Market System of Agri Products
12 Excursion Flower Market

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