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Introduction to Bioindustry

The aim of this course is to learn actively various aspects of bioindustry especially in the Okhotsk region. The course will be given in English. The point is that students should participate actively in the lessons and may be requested to make short presentation by themselves.

theme contents etc.
1 Crops Genetically modified crops Prepare fpr the background of the theme.
2 Livestock Livestock farming in Hokkaido
3 Crop fertilization Crop management, and fertilization in Hokkaido
4 Fisheries Introduction of fisheries stock assessment
5 Aquaculture Next-generation of aquaculture
6 Plankton The power of plankton
7 Bacteria Unlimited power and usefulness of bacteria in bioindsutry
8 Cell Biology Cellular physiology in Food and Cosmetic Science
9 Botulinum toxin Bacterial protein toxins and their application
10 Bioresource Bioresource and their application
11 Agricultural History Agricultural History in Hokkaido before the Ⅱnd War
12 Marketing Marketing in Agriculture
13 Agriculture in Hokkaido Current Situation and Issues on Hokkaido Agriculture
14 Accounting Accouting in Agriculture
15 ICT Business The Role of India in ICT Business 

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