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Examining chemistry and biology from a foundation of practical science

Department of Agricultural Chemistry

Chemistry and Biotechnology - Frontier Technology of Practical Science -

Deepening the essential and comprehensive understanding of the basic structure and biotic reaction that is common to every creature and on specific structure and higher life process acquired through evolution, is the aim of this department. Basic and applied researches are conducted in relation to four common issues of mankind in agricultural science, food, environment, health and energy, and their related areas and conservation and maintenance of production environment, and eventually frontier technology is obtained through experiments.

Graduate School Advisory Faculty

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IGIMI Shizunobu, Professor

Research on lactic and bacteria and their applications

Research Activity

INUBUSHI Kazuyuki, Professor

Material cycling in agriculture and soil

Research Activity

INOUE Jun, Professor

Research Activity

KAJIKAWA Akinobu, Professor

Development of vaccine/drug-delivery system using commensal bacteria
Induction and modulation of adaptive immunity using recombinant lactic acid bacteria

Research Activity

SUE Masayuki, Professor

Enzymological and molecular biological investigation of plant secondary metabolism

Research Activity

TSUJII Yoshimasa, Professor

Research on mechanisms that affect flavor and palatability of food

Research Activity

NOGUCHI Tomohiro, Professor

Studies on food science and processing

Research Activity

HIGUCHI Kyoko, Professor

Mineral nutrition of plants

Research Activity

MATSUSHIMA Yoshitaka, Professor

Chemical biology based on synthetic organic chemistry

Research Activity

MURATA Masatsune, Professor

Chemistry during food processing and preservation: the Maillard reaction and enzymatic browning

Research Activity

YAMAMOTO Yuji, Professor

Studies on tumor suppresser mechanism and life style related disease

Research Activity

YOKOTA Kenji, Professor

Research Activity

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Teacher-training Course

This is a course for obtaining a regular teaching certificate for junior high schools and high schools based on Japan’s Education Personnel Certification Act.

Teacher-training Course

Students who take this course are awarded a teaching certificate at the time of graduation by earning specified credits while taking specialized education in their department. This course creates a heavier workload compared to other students, as it entails taking more classes, with many lectures in the evening and many practice sessions off campus, but this could lead to a student life that much richer.

Many students who have completed this course are playing active roles as teachers in junior high schools and high schools as well as other educational institutions around the country. In the academic year 2016, 130 people obtained 291 teaching certificates (including specialized certificates for those who completed a graduate program). While passing the teacher employment examination is a difficult hurdle, every year about 150 NODAI alumnae (including former graduates) become teachers.

Scientific Information Course

The objective of this course is to train natural sciences librarians and curators by having students learn the foundation of being a technical expert

Scientific Information Course

The objective of this course is to train natural sciences librarians and curators by having students learn the foundation of being a technical expert (including information usage education using computers), which includes surveying, accumulating, organizing, storing, searching, and providing (including displaying) information related to science and technology in public institutions such as museums, science museums, children’s facilities, and public libraries, as well as corporate information departments and R&D departments.

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