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Center for Information Technology and Education

This center serves Tokyo NODAI campus under the direction of the Director with a Steering Committee. The three main functions of the center are to provide assistance and advice concerning programming, to operate computers for research purposes, and to develop data processing systems for administration work. In addition to a number of small scale personal computers, a full scale computer, IBM 370/115 was introduced in the center in 1978, and eventually replaced by IBM 4331 in 1980. Computer machines were changed from IBM to Fujitsu in 1993. Host computer was introduced to FACOM M - 360 in 1983. FACOM M-360 was then upgraded to M 760 in 1988, to M1600/8 in 1994, and to M - 1600/10 in 1997, further to GS8300/10K in 2000. In 2003 the client/server system was constructed and linked among three campuses (Tokyo-Setagaya, Hokkaido-Okhotsk, and Kanagawa-Atsugi)..

Organization Educational Division

This division offers courses in Computer Science which are made available to all departments in the University and Graduate Schools.

Mainly two courses, Computer Literacy (1) and Computer Literacy (2), are conducted in three computer training rooms which house many personal computers linked to the Educational Local Area Network (ELAN) and connected to the internet.

In these courses the introduction to computer science, basic knowledge in data processing is taught, while in the practice of computer science, practical training in programming in computer language is provided with a personal computer linked to the ELAN. The aim of education and practical training is to enable students to use the computer for their graduation thesis research and in their employment after graduation.

Research Division

Research rooms are set up in NODAI Academia Center on 6th floor, where displays, graphic displays, personal computers, OMR (Optical Memory Reader) and work-stations are placed for use by staff members of Tokyo NODAI.

Workshops on programming are regularly organized by the center and consultation and advice are readily available for researchers.

Administration Division

Computerization of the university administration is carried out with the aim of constructing an integrated university administration system on three campuses.

At present, administrative work such as entrance examination, registration and academic results, students’ guidance, employment, budget, accounting, personnel, salary payments and other various matters are computerized.

Director/Professor: Sawahiko Shimada

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