Tokyo University Of Agriculture



Tokyo University of Agriculture’s main campus. Although adjacent to the heart of Tokyo, the campus is a space full of nature, enveloped in the greenery of over 100 species of trees. Equipped with the most advanced equipment and facilities for various kinds of research, the campus is the perfect environment for the pursuit of learning. A quiet residential area where many of the residents have lived for a long time surrounds the campus, making it a locality where warm contact is frequent.

Located on a low hill, the entire campus is registered as a botanical garden and is a place where various plants and animals can be seen. It has diverse agricultural facilities, cutting-edge research and educational facilities, experimental gardens, and greenhouses. Numerous research animals of many species are raised on campus for all kinds of educational and research needs in Faculty of Agriculture.

The scale of the campus is in a different league from an average campus. A great deal of space has been secured for research buildings, experiment buildings, sports facilities, and parking lots; an “unconstrained environment” might be the most apt description. The view from Symbol Tower in the center of campus is stunning. The great outdoors is sure to help students who study on this campus grow tremendously.

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